Secure Your Business from Cyber Attacks by Utilizing the Advantages of Managed Security Services

In the ever-evolving digital era, businesses worldwide are increasingly vulnerable to cyber-attacks that can occur unexpectedly. The IBM Data Breach Report notes that 83% of organizations will experience more than one data breach during 2023. Cyber threats such as malware attacks, data hacking, and identity theft are a major concern for companies. Cyber-attacks target large companies and small-scale companies, especially those with low-security systems.

Get to Know Cyber Attacks and Their Types

A cyber-attack attempts to gain unauthorized access by damaging a network system to steal, change, or cause chaos. Cyber-attacks can be carried out by individuals or organizations with various goals. Here are some types of cyber-attacks:

1. Malware

The term malware comes from the abbreviation malicious software or malicious software. Malware is a type of hacking that uses software to damage a computer system. Usually, malware attacks are carried out through programs or encrypted email attachments containing viruses. Malware is divided into several types: viruses, trojans, ransomware, worms, spyware, and adware.

One case of a ransomware-type cyber-attack recently occurred, to be precise, on 8 to 11 May 2023, on the Bank Syariah Indonesia (BSI) service system. A group of hackers carried out the attack called “Lock Bit.” Therefore, the attack is called the Lock Bit 3.0 Ransomware attack.

2. Phishing

Phishing is an attack carried out by trapping or making threats. Generally, this attack is carried out by sending fraudulent emails in the name of a company or other trusted agency so that email recipients share personal information. Phishing can also be carried out by sending electronic documents or programs containing viruses, sending text messages, and telephone fraud.

Several years ago, phishing attacks occurred on Google and Facebook for 2 years (2013-2015). Evaldas Rimasauskas from Lithuania and his colleagues carried out this cyber-attack and created fake emails belonging to Quanta Computer, which does business with these two large companies. Evaldas caused losses of more than $100 million from this attack case.

3. Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks

This type of attack targets websites and servers by disrupting the services of the hacked computer system. A form of attack is to deny the user experience on a website by increasing activity on the site with the wrong traffic, for example, generating hundreds of pop-up advertisements until the website becomes dysfunctional. DDoS attacks are divided into volumetric, protocol, and resource data layers.

A DDoS case occurred in Indonesia in 2022; an attack happened on the site so that the site could not be accessed. This case also happened on the Konde—Co-site in 2020.

4. SQL Injection

Attacks occur when cybercriminals exploit web or application security vulnerabilities to disrupt queries or SQL commands that the application has created. In this way, perpetrators can steal and view user data.

In 2022, 7-Eleven was the victim of a hack by a group of hackers in Denmark. As a result of this attack, the perpetrator obtained 130 million users’ credit card numbers and caused losses of at least $600 million.

Of the many cases of cyber-attacks, cybercriminals are always staking out the security of vulnerable company systems for potential further hacking. For companies, this is undoubtedly detrimental because it can impact low customer trust and even damage reputation. Therefore, you need a Manage Security Service that can help maintain your company’s security.

What is a Managed Security Service?

Manage Security Service (MSS) is a service to protect company network systems from cyber-attacks. MMS is carried out through management and preventive action against cyber threats with the help of third parties.

Several ways Manage Security Service can help improve the security of your business systems, namely:

  1. Provide advice regarding cyber security strategies
  2. Develop a security policy
  3. Help build and defend systems from threats
  4. Design infrastructure with high protection
  5. Provide monitoring and repair services

Why Does Your Business Need to Use Managed Security Services?

1. Cyber Threats are Increasing

In increasingly rapid technological developments, cyberattacks have the potential to steal data from company systems. Check Point Research in 2022 noted that global cyber-attacks increased by 38% compared to the previous year. The same study indicated that in Q4 2022, the volume of cyber-attacks on organizations globally averaged 1,168 cases per week. Cyber-attacks often occur through phishing, malware, and IoT attacks. Manage Security Service helps prepare your business amidst technological developments. With various strategies to manage responses if threat problems occur in business systems.

2. Companies need to keep up with developments

Now, companies must be able to compete adaptively following existing technological developments but often need to prepare adequate system security. As a result, it provides opportunities for cybercriminals to launch attacks. Apart from that, companies need to pay attention to security systems that comply with regulations and the need for adequate resources. Manage Security Service is the best solution for companies to maintain system security with high protection and comply with applicable laws.


Everything is connected digitally, making cyber-attacks a real threat to businesses. Many potential cybercrimes can occur and harm companies, such as phishing, malware, SQL injection, DDos, and many more. The impact of cyber-attacks can harm users and even damage the company’s reputation. Therefore, companies need to increase awareness of system security. One way is through the Manage Security Service, which can provide up-to-date and comprehensive protection for business security systems.

Business is increasingly secure with Vidia Cloud’s Manage Security Service protection. With experienced IT professionals in their field and 24×7 support through various channels, we are ready to help Manage Security Services for your business! Contact us now at or visit our site at

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