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Email hosting is one of the essential aspects of the communication activities of a business, especially amid digitalization. As a result, communication that was initially carried out offline has now shifted to online. One of the communication media used by businesses is email. Email can reach many consumers more easily, cheaply, and quickly. Today, many leading email service providers, such as Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo, are free, however, many businesses pay for email hosting to improve business professionalism through custom domains. In addition, email hosting has excellent access, features, and storage capacity. So, it is more suitable for large-scale businesses. Therefore, companies must be more careful in choosing email hosting that suits their needs.

What is Email Hosting?

Email hosting is a specialized email service used to send and receive messages. Unlike the free email service, email hosting offers its users a variety of unique features that can be customized according to their needs, such as personalization of email domains and larger storage capacity. Email hosting services can be utilized for internal and external communication. Email hosting can make it easier for businesses to manage databases and member email addresses. Email hosting services also give a professional impression and brand consistency.

Factors to Consider in Choosing Email Hosting


Business communication requires a guaranteed security system because it is a medium for exchanging information and data containing company secrets, especially in the digital era that is vulnerable to data breaches, unauthorized access, and data theft by hackers. Businesses must ensure email hosting providers have robust and sophisticated security systems to provide guarantees against data security.

2.Storage Capacity

Email hosting providers usually offer several plans with varying storage capacities. Businesses need to understand capacity needs; the more significant the business scale, the more frequent the exchange of information via email. In addition, sending or receiving many large attachments is also a consideration that requires a large capacity. Businesses need to consider future business needs to prevent mailboxes from overcrowding.

3.Integration with Other Devices or Services

Many email hosts are now integrated with other essential devices or services, such as Gmail with Google Calendar. Integration helps improve productivity, communication efficiency, and collaboration within teams. In addition, email hosting should also be able to be used on many devices. However, it should be noted that with the various additional features offered, email hosting requires more storage space.


Another factor that businesses need to consider is the amount of funds budgeted for email hosting. The larger the storage and complete features, the greater the funds required. Usually, email hosting provides packages that are based on a specific duration, such as weeks, monthly, or yearly. Therefore, businesses need to analyze the needs to tailor the right services.

5.Compliance and Regulation

In the era of globalization, businesses can communicate internationally, so email hosting-that is subject to specific rules and regulations-is needed. For example, General Data Protection (GDPR) in the European Union and the ITE Law in Indonesia.


Business will continue to grow, and there will always be new needs. For example, they are increasing storage capacity, adding new accounts, and accommodating ever-evolving business needs. In addition, email hosting can send many emails at one time, which helps businesses to more efficiently and effectively convey messages.

7.Support from Service Providers

Businesses need to ensure 24/7 support from the provider team so that in the event of an attack, they will get help and assistance from the provider. The provider also assists businesses in exercising control in case of problems in use.


Email hosting offers various advantages for businesses, from professionalism to certain features that can only be used in email hosting. However, companies must consider many factors before choosing an exemplary email hosting service. For example, cost, team support from the provider, storage capacity, and much more.

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