Keeping Your Data Protected: Why Cloud Backup is a Wise Choice

Digitalization in Indonesia has created a growing volume of corporate data and witnessed a surge in data hacking across the globe, including Indonesia. The threat of corporate data hacking in Indonesia is becoming increasingly profound, and data protection efforts are becoming more urgent. Loss of corporate data due to hacking has a financial impact and can destroy a company’s reputation. The threat of hacking is growing and becoming more complex, so corporate data protection must keep up. Cloud Backup is not just another backup solution but also a crucial layer of defence in maintaining the integrity and availability of your data-wise investment in the future of your business. 

What is Cloud Backup

Cloud backup is a method to keep a secure copy of data from a device or computer system to a remote storage server to minimize risks such as hardware damage, physical disruption, cyber threats, and natural disasters. Cloud backup is beneficial for enterprise businesses in keeping business data safe, avoiding the risk of unexpected data loss, and having easy access to their data in various situations. 

Why does your data need to be protected?

Data in the business world includes all information related to company operations, business processes, customers, and other assets. This includes transaction records, customer information, financial reports, inventory data, marketing strategies, and various internal policies and procedures. Not only does data have economic value, but it also has significant strategic value for organizations. The information contained in data can help companies develop business strategies, respond to market changes, improve operational efficiency, and maintain competitiveness.

Losing business data can have a significant impact on a company’s operations. It can disrupt a company’s ability to conduct day-to-day business, interrupt customer service, and slow growth. In addition, data loss can also damage a company’s reputation and customer trust.

Threats that Occur to Data Loss

Several threats can lead to the loss of valuable data, namely:

1. Hardware Failure

Despite backing up data, the hardware on which the backup data is stored remains vulnerable to failure. This can include failure of hard drives, servers, or other storage devices in the cloud service provider’s data centre. Damaged or failed hardware can result in sudden data loss without a secure backup copy.

2. Physical Disruption

Natural disasters are a serious threat to data integrity and security. Natural disaster events can damage the hardware and physical infrastructure used to store data, threatening the data stored at that location.

3. Cyber Threats

Malware data corruption is malicious software that can corrupt, delete, or encrypt data on infected devices. Malware attacks can cause serious data damage, making it inaccessible or unrecoverable. Information theft: Some cyber-attacks aim to steal sensitive customer information, business secrets, or financial data.

4. Human Failure

One of the leading causes of data loss is careless human actions, such as deleting data that is still necessary or important and needing to be more careful in managing data. Such errors can occur when humans are performing data management or cleaning tasks. In addition, risks also arise when unsafe storage devices are used, such as shaking external hard drives or other storage devices that can result in data corruption.

How to Keep Data Safe with Cloud Backup

Protecting data integrity and confidentiality in the growing digital age is an essential step in the digital age. Cloud backup services are a powerful tool for achieving this goal, and it is critical to understand the best practices for keeping data safe when using these services. The following is a complete explanation of how to maintain data security with cloud backup:

1. Strict Access Management

Make sure to manage the security of your cloud account carefully. This involves working with who can control who is given the right to access the data in the cloud. This consists of granting permission restrictions and monitoring who has specific access rights to data.

2. Data Encryption

Data encryption protects information by converting it into a form that can only be read by people with the appropriate decryption key. In a business environment, this means that data of a confidential nature, such as financial documents, customer information, or industry secrets, will be converted into code that can only be decrypted by parties with access rights and the correct decryption key.

3. Automatic Backup

Automatic backup in business is a necessary process to protect company data by maintaining regular copies of data without human intervention. This ensures the security and availability of business data, such as financial documents and customer information. In emergencies like device failure or malware attacks, automatic backups enable rapid data recovery, maintaining business continuity and protecting corporate information assets.

4. Choose a Credible Cloud Backup Service Provider

Using a cloud backup service provider that is reputable and has a good reputation in terms of data security and privacy is a significant first step in maintaining the security of a company’s business data, so the right choice is recommended in a cloud backup service provider that has experience and solid infrastructure to protect business data companies, one of which is Vidia Cloud, which can be an option as a data backup solution in the cloud and on-premises which is supported by Acronis, Veeam and AWS solutions.


In the digital era, company data is valuable but vulnerable to loss and cyber-attacks. Therefore, it is important to keep company data secure with cloud backup. Cloud backup services are an essential layer of defense that helps protect data from various threats, such as hardware failure, natural disasters, malware, and human error. Thus, investing in a data backup solution in the cloud is a wise action to maintain the integrity and availability of business data and protect company information assets.

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