Collaborating with Morpheus, VisioNet’s Multipolar Technology (MLPT) Subsidiary Launches Hybrid Cloud Management Platform

Friday, March 25, 2022 | 16:39 WIB JAKARTA, – A subsidiary of PT Multipolar Technology Tbk (MLPT), PT Visionet Data Internasional (VisioNet), launched a Cloud Management Platform service to answer market needs for the growth of various private cloud and public cloud services that require hybrid cloud management platform services. VisioNet leverages the Morpheus software platform to meet this need.

“We support the development of various digital services, namely multi-cloud strategy, container deployments, and self-service platforms. Now companies don’t have to worry about the complexities of hybrid cloud and don’t need to invest heavily to fulfill Cloud Management Platform services. With the Managed Services approach, customers can convert the costs incurred into OPEX and get increased cost efficiency, so that initial investment can be very low and consumer complaints can be managed properly, “explained Miko Yanuar, Director of PT Visionet Data Internasional (VisioNet) in a written statement, Friday (25/03/2022).

Morpheus is a self-service software that allows users to simplify IT operations management in managing cloud infrastructure and can reduce hybrid cloud costs. The platform can combine private and public clouds into a single, fully user-controlled interface to address issues around data management and security. This of course can increase the effectiveness and efficiency of services, both in terms of cost analytics, policy, and automation.

“Morpheus is very pleased to work with VisioNet as a trusted provider of digital IT managed services,” said Brad Parks, Chief Marketing Officer of Morpheus Data.

In the technological developments that have been made by Morpheus, this solution will simplify IT operations and meet the needs of its users, where Financial Operations (FinOps) will benefit in the form of cost optimization for using multi-cloud solutions. Morpheus also provides a CloudOps feature that allows users to manage private cloud and public cloud applications from one place so as to simplify IT operations. With this convenience, the Development and Operations team can maximize application deployment by using the Continuous Integration (CI)/Continuous Deployment (CD) pipeline and the Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) feature provided by Morpheus.

Companies from various sectors can enjoy Morpheus Cloud Management Platform services to grow their business, solve cloud cost problems, reduce IT problems, accelerate service deployment, and build teams to work effectively. Customers can ensure their business continuity without having to spend a lot of time managing the hybrid cloud.

“Customers need to have a trusted technology partner capable of providing a hybrid cloud platform to support their digital initiatives, and VisioNet has proven services and capabilities,” adds Brad.

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